At first glance, cross-country skiing is a sport that does not seem to be technically too demanding. But standing on a trail with skis on your feet, one quickly realizes it is not a walk in the park.

In theory, any beginner who at least has a slight control over his/her body can run alone and without serious difficulty. However, a beginner may soon find out that due to improper movements, he/she unnecessarily loses energy, is slow and usually gives up as one doesn’t feel the same pleasure as in the beginning.

We can teach you the basics of cross-country skiing, both classic as well as skating style technique. Should you wish, you can also upgrade your skills in order to master them completely. We guarantee you that the acquired skills will give you pleasure in cross-country skiing, as you will achieve harmony between your body movements and the nature.

Individual cross-country skiing lessons will be provided by Nataša Lačen, who competed in Winter Olympic Games (1998, 2002) and was a 18-time national cross-country skiing champion; currently, she also works as a P.E. teacher. Thanks to Nataša, many fans of cross-country skiing were taught on how to actually enjoy this sport. As a former top competitive cross-country skier, she has an extensive knowledge and experience in the field; as a P.E. teacher, she is well versed in teaching new skills and is also familiar with different methods on how to gradually gain new motor skills.

Lessons are held on the cross-country skiing trails in Slovenian towns of Črna na Koroškem (natural snow) and Bistra (artificial snow) and by the Pirkdorfer See Lake in Austria (artificial snow) where it is possible to train as early as December.

There is also a possibility to borrow the gear if you are still not yet sure whether this type of activity is suitable for you.