Bed & Breakfast

The B&B, previously a woodworking shop known all over former Yugoslavia for its high quality wooden skis, is located in the center of Mežica, within a minute’s walk to the closest supermarket. In close proximity, there are pizza restaurant and kebab shop as well as a café. Here, you can discover local character of the community. The town is surrounded by tourist farms such as Vojak Farm, Reht Farm or Kajžar Farm, which serve traditional cuisine of the Slovene Carinthia Region.

The B&B offers four double bedrooms and two 4-bed dorms; each room also has its own private bathroom. The communal room has a kitchenette, where you can prepare your own meals.

Next to the main building, there is a barn, which was turned into an outdoor kitchen and a common area for you to rest, enjoy and relax. The dorms upstairs are ideal for sleeping during the warmer months of the year. The same building also has its own bike storage room and a bike maintenance area. You are also free to wash your bike anytime you’d like.

Guests can pre-order breakfast option (continental or traditional regional breakfast). Should you decide to eat one of our delicious sandwiches, we assure you that your taste buds will tingle with excitement just thinking about them. Sandwiches may be pre-ordered for your daily trips.